• Hannah Turk

Me and Writing

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

It's a love/hate relationship.

I love to write. Really, I do. But when I do, I'm constantly editing, rethinking, revising, and 'puffing out' my writing to make sure that it's *just* right. I want all of my grammar to be right, and to make sure I don't use ellipses too much, and...for whatever reason (see, I do it a lot!)...writing in a way that I definitely don't talk. I use lots of flowery language and visually appealing formatting. Unfortunately, this leads to me never actually publishing anything I write because it's never quite right. I want to be able to write to just record my memories and lessons learned. I constantly say that my biggest regret from my first year as a teacher was not reflecting regularly and writing down SOMEthing every day.

Maybe this will become that space, maybe not. Talking certainly is an easier medium for me (aka, podcasting), but there is something to be said for short, daily reflection. Or maybe occasional reflection...I mean, I am still a mom.

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