• Hannah Turk

Mommy Sick Days

I have officially decreed that today is a Mommy Sick Day. Everyone gets fed and kept alive and anything else is a bonus, with Pooh's Heffalump Movie kicking off our movie marathon. Meanwhile I will drink tea and lie down as much as possible. Maybe even treat myself to one of my own shows while baby naps. What does a Mommy Sick Day even look like? How is it different from a normal sick day?

Well, the obvious answer is that you don't really get to take the whole day off to be sick. Kids still need to be fed, crisis' averted, and diapers changed. However, I am giving myself the grace to let the bare minimum be acceptable and not to feel guilty about that. If I don't take care of myself in a very literal sense, how can I take care of any of them in the long run? So movie marathons and self-entertaining are going to be looked at as interactive storytelling and independent play...all good things, right? Taking the moments off in between the needs is a welcome break, especially when I take off the burden of guilt and know that this is NOT a normal day (which should have been obvious when I wrestled a poop covered baby into the tub). I can love my kids and myself by taking one day out of the 1,161 days I've had this job to take care of myself while still (technically) taking care of them. Eventually, I want my kids to know that it is important to rest and take care of yourself, and not to power through or give in to the 'grind'. I want to live this example in taking care of myself while also taking care of others...which I can only do if I take care of myself first. Here's hoping we kick this by the end of the week!

So what does Mommy Sick Day look like?

A movie marathon of an undetermined number of movies.

Hope that both kid's naps overlap for at least a little bit.

Hot tea that gets cold after taking care of baby.

Writing for the good of my soul.

Eating canned chicken noodle soup (and secretly loving it).

Leftovers for lunch for the kids.

Communication with my other half so he knows exactly what he's walking into.

Half finished sorted clean laundry on my floor.

Overflowing trash and recycling that need to go out.

Celebrating small wins (I ran the dishwasher!).

No coffee.




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